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Sunflow/therapeutic movement

"Movement has the capacity to take us to the home of the soul, the world within for which we have no name. Movement reaches our deepest nature, and dance creatively expresses it. Through dance, we gain new insights into the mystery of our lives. When brought forth from the inside and forged by the desire to create personal change, dance has the profound power to heal the body, psyche and soul" - Anna Halprin.

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"Becky's movement class is such a treat! A pure moment of happiness, release, fun and exchange. She manages to brings us from meditative states to absolute dance trance and shares a very special energy! An incredibly profound and unique experience, accessible for all!"

- Pauline Loeb

Events Manager @ The Collective

"I met Becky at Harvest Kaplankaya and I was immediately drawn to her magnetic, joyful and pure energy. It's been truly a wonderful and fun experience. I loved how Becky guided us through this flow of movement and healing, her raw and beautiful energy connected with all of us, all participating in the workshop and created a very unique experience."

- Carolina 

“SUNFLOW was an amazing experience. This practice which is mixing dance, music, fitness and dynamic yoga, and music, was an incredible moment of sharing, harmony, joy and happiness. Energizing and enchanting, it is one of the best antidote I know now against gloom. It makes you feel good and instantly brings you joy and love.”

- David


I developed Sunflow to combine all the different ways that we can move the body in one space... Once we break out of our boxed ways of moving, linear, from A to B, being told how to move as opposed to listening to the sensations of our body, we can integrate that into our lives, strengthen our intuition. Release blockages that we store in our body, and smooth out the nervous system.

Alongside my professional dance career, I became a Vinyasa flow and restorative yoga teacher, on a journey that brought 'Sunflow' into existence.

Sunflow combines yoga and dance, structure and flow, softness with strength; it explores the balance between dynamic and non-resistant ways of moving, with meditation and breath. It helps to alleviate the pressures modern life can have on the body, releasing physical tension and blockages stored in the body and calms the mind, building awareness of sensation and intuition. Each session is guided and structured so the individual can relax into the movements.


This work is suitable for everyone, there is no way you can go wrong; Sunflow bridges different fields, it's presentation is inclusive.

 In my workshops I blend dynamic movements with stillness and softness; yoga sequences with freedom of movement. The class is guided to support the individual’s unique flow. The focus is somatic, guided by sensation, this helps to train our default reactions to come from natural bodily wisdom as opposed to an overly rational mind. By guiding the focus of the imagination, and using my body for each person to mirror in their own unique way, it encourages the nervous system to relax, release tension patterns into flow and inspire a positive feeling in the body. Sensitivity is heightened and trauma that is stored in the body is released.

This movement contrasted with meditation and stillness creates an extremely effective resource for increased well-being. 

A session could be purely somatic focused (movement class), or I introduce different themes/concepts which require deeper exploration. Sometimes in collaboration with other practitioners, and/or using other techniques. Examples of themes:

  • Reflection and letting go

  • Aligning actions with values

  • Manifesting Intention setting

  • Embodying sexual energy

  • Dancing your shadow...etc.


Music plays an important role, and the playlist is carefully selected to synchronize with the intention of the movement, whilst providing inspiration and groove! 


I have combined a variety of qualities from different training's, travels, life's learning's and experiences to create a class that is unique to me. There is a framework behind the freedom. A key concept to consider in all aspects of life.


“I see dance being used as communication between body and soul to express what is too deep to find words for.”
— Ruth St. Denis

Sun-Flow Workshops:

  • House Of Wisdom Studio Regents park, London 2020

  • The Medicine Festival 2020 

  • The Collective London/NY Live online classes 2020

  • Habitas Tulum regular classes 2020

  • Nomade Tulum Gratitude tent takeover 2020

  • Avalon well-being 'Spring Leap' 2020

  • Harvest Kaplankaya 'Well-being' gathering Turkey Oct 2019

  • Weekly "elements" series, Berlin @ Life Artists Creators hub Sept-Oct 2019

  • Morocco Artivism project in Atlas Mountains​

  • RestAura Jan 2019 - Tulum Mexico (combining dreamwork and movement)

  • Habitas New Year Dec 2018 - Tulum Mexico

  • Venn Space Berlin Dec 2018

  • Bucht Der Traumer Festival 2018 - Helensee, Germany

  • Hedone seminar 2018 - Garbicz, Poland

  • Colours of Love gathering March 2017 - Thailand, Koh Pangan

  • Weekly in London 2017 - @ The Nest, Bethnal Green​

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